Well, Hello World! (Again)

It’s been quite a while since the previous post here. I had some issues with the software that I used, and so was unable to make new posts due to issues formatting the text. Links were all broken etc. Instead of switching the site over to different software immediately I sort of abandoned it for a while, as finding time to sit down and mess with CSS wasn’t easy. I finally got around to switching the software last week, and everything went extremely smoothly. I even managed to import all the old posts, so nothing was lost in the process. Also, thanks very much to Mr. Skirty (CSS guru) for all his help finding the right bits to edit.

The issues with the previous software were one reason I moved my shop to Etsy. Now I can spend less time ensuring everything is secure and up to date, and more time making things to go in the shop. I’m enjoying yarn dyeing right now, so look out for some new pretties in the shop!

Skirtydyed BFL DK Superwash - Red Cabbage

Skirtydyed BFL DK Superwash – Red Cabbage

The above yarn is currently still available in the shop, my Daffodil yarn (below) is now sold out, one skein is reserved for a St. Patrick’s day competition donation. There’s a group on Ravelry that holds a knitting/crochet competition every year, and this year I donated a prize of a skein of yarn for one of the lucky winners. (I might be entering this myself this year also).

Skirtydyed Superwash BFL DK - Daffodil

Skirtydyed Superwash BFL DK – Daffodil

Welcome back to my site!