Potter’s Blanket

This week I have mostly been eating failures of chocolate biscuit cake attempts. Luckily when this sort of thing is a disaster it’s still edible. After three pretty much complete failures I have now given up on that particular item!

On the crafting front I’ve finished my cat’s blanket, the first of my blankets in the square a day leap year blanket group I’m a member of. Some people are making one large blanket with 366 “squares”, I’m making a few smaller ones, which means I can experiment a bit with styles, types of yarn, and colours. Plus it means my blankets will be a reasonable size! This one was made with some aran weight acrylic I had lying around. I had 6 colours, so there are 6 colours in the blanket. They weren’t purchased to go together all in one item, but it actually worked out well (although at first I was a bit nervous about pink and orange next to each other!). The whole thing worked out about 1.3m wide and 85cm deep – partly because I wanted to put his name on the blanket and the squares I made for that were a little larger than I had expected originally. Good thing he isn’t called “Marmaduke” or “Voldemort”, although I would have worked out a method of fitting them in. The granny squares are Attic24’s Summer Garden Granny Squares, the letters are from a baby blanket pattern and the other big orange square is dreamweaver. I filled the spaces with some granny stripes in the same colour sequence that I made the letters.

Here’s a picture of the blanket sitting on the floor:


A gratuitious garden shot (the colours are more accurate in this photograph):


And finally, the “man” himself (as taken with my smartphone and filtered with pixlr-o-matic):




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