Krispie Cakes

Yesterday I made a “dry run” of some rice krispie cakes. They were quite nice, I used this recipe.

And this is what they looked like:


There are hardly any left and I wanted to take some to the boy’s Gran, who we’ll be seeing tonight, so we’ll have to make some more (shame!), although this time he’ll be able to help me stir them in and put them into the cases. I think I’m going to use slightly less butter and syrup and slightly more chocolate this time.

We’ve had lots of walking fun this week, and watering plants in the garden fun. I forgot to sow some cucumber, and as it’s a vegetable we go through loads of I’m going to get hold of some small plants from the local garden centre and get them growing in a grow bag or something. I’ve made a List of one-off things that need to be done in the garden, so I plan to try to get some of those things done every week. (This week I can get away with making the List…).

Knitting-wise, over the weekend I knitted and fulled (felted – it’s called “fulling” when the item is knitted first) a bag for the little guy. The strap is still in the works so he isn’t using it yet, hope he likes it!

And let’s not forget the shop – I finished a shawl also over the weekend. It’s quite a bargain considering the number of hours it took me to knit!


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