Gardening, and Another Shawl

This week the weather has been lovely, not too much rain and quite a bit of sun, so myself and the wee fellow have been doing some gardening. So far we’ve sown some spinach (two lots so far, the first lot should be peeping up through the soil just now, but it isn’t…), some carrots, some sunflowers, courgettes and tomatoes. I have spotted him poking at the courgette seeds when he’s playing in the garden so I think I might have to sow some backup courgettes as, if I remember correctly, they die really easily if the seedlings are damaged.

The tulips are out in the garden. Every year I have good intentions of moving them around, as all the tulips at the front of the house are yellow, and all those at the back are pink/purple. This year it will happen, as having a small person around who is very keen to “help” with digging makes it easier to make time for gardening.

Lots of days this week have been filled with “let’s go in the garden, Mum” and “let’s go for a walk, Mum”. Nearly 2 years old is a fabulous age!

Knitting-wise, I finished my newest shawl, and it’s been blocked and I love it!

Here are a couple of pictures, first one of the whole thing:


And now a close-up of some of the lace:


I love this and although this one is mine -all mine- if you love it too, you can now request one in a colour of your choice through a custom slot in the store. There will be some “in stock” shawls at some point too, in this, and some other designs. I’m looking forward to knitting them all.


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