Dungarees, Playdough and Yarn Bombing

It’s been a busy week this week. The little buttons I ordered for The Mystery Item have arrived and there are now some colourful dungarees in the store. I’m delighted with the dungarees, I think they’re gorgeous and I’ll definitely be using that pattern a lot.

After fighting off all our various lurgies from last week we attended a bit of a family get together at the weekend, and celebrated our niece’s third birthday. I made her an “In Threes” cardigan in pink and purple cotton, and her Mum seemed to like it. Always a good sign. Pink isn’t really my colour, however I have made a few of these cardigans in pink so far.

Today’s Toddler Fun was home made playdough (I use this recipe:


We had Lots of Fun making squishy shapes and squishing the colours together, cutting them out with cookie cutters and generally mashing squishy stuff around. I didn’t manage to take a Happy Toddler picture, unfortunately, so that just has to be imagined. There was one, though, before we had to tidy up and stop squishing and mashing and cutting.

I spotted a link to this on Ravelry yesterday and was captivated by the whole idea. I’ve known about yarn bombing for a while, however this is just so different that it piqued my interest. I can’t believe that someone/some people took the time to create such an intricate work of art for the public. However did nobody notice them stitching that on, though? Must have taken more than a couple of minutes.


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