Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

After finally turning “on” this site last week, I’ve been getting crafty with some test knits and some other things for stock. I thought I’d share a little taste of something that’s currently on my needles. In the immortal words of one Rolf Harris – “Can You Tell What It Is Yet?”:


I’m very excited to be knitting with this beautiful hand dyed yarn. The colours are knitting up beautifully.

Apart from knitting, this weekend I’m hoping to get some time upstairs with the sewing machine (this depends on my toddler really!) to make some other items for stock, as the shop is sadly lacking any items crafted by me.

One of my friends became a father a week or so ago, so his little boy is going to test some newborn hats that I’ve made. If they are a good fit then you can expect to see some of those in stock soon.