Brass Bands and Biscuit Cake

We went down to the Irish Brass and Concert Band Championships in Cork last weekend. The boy was dropped off with his Grandparents, and by all accounts had a whale of a time. (They seemed fairly glad to hand him back, though!). Since I was hyperemetic when I was pregnant I had to stop playing, and I’ve not started again yet (getting a babysitter for every rehearsal would currently be too difficult), so my role was purely supporting the band (Drogheda Brass Band) that Mr. Skirty plays in (and I used to). They were excellent. I can only say that they’ve improved massively even in the last 2 years since I left (hopefully this is purely coincidence!) the band. I haven’t really managed to hear them since then as the wee guy isn’t too keen on brass bands (yet). He does love music in general, he just likes it on his own terms, without too many people around. As I said, they were excellent, and they won a clean sweep – they won Section 1 brass, best brass band, best overall band (including concert bands) and there was a 4th trophy that I’m not sure about. Needless to say, everyone was pretty happy! There are many photos floating around from the bus home of people posing with trophies and lots and lots of smiles. This sorry excuse for a photograph was taking using my phone when they were getting ready to play.


I did a spot of “baking” again yesterday. Mr. Skirty isn’t really a cake person, so as he mentioned before that he really likes a thing called “biscuit cake”, when I came across a recipe for same earlier in the week, I added it onto my “to do list”. This recipe, to be precise. I did alter a couple of things, like adding some rice krispies instead of maltesers, and totally missing out the dried fruit and nuts, however the texture is not what I expected, and it’s so sickly that I could only eat one piece last night when it was deemed “set”. I think I’ll turn to a different recipe next time. I can’t see any reason that it turned out this way.


Oh well, I shall have to find some more recipes and give it another go. In the meantime, I expect it will be nicer if it’s cut into little bits and eaten with ice cream. Shame!


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