A Sunny Week

This week has been unseasonably warm and sunny here. Many things have been germinating in the garden (although sadly the first lot of spinach hasn’t appeared at all). Myself and the small one have been out in the sun most days, “det’s do in da dahden” being a common phrase this week. At the weekend we had a picnic and a nice walk round a pond, and another big long walk on Sunday.

During the week we’ve had to water the seeds, and the plants in containers. We have a Christmas Berry Tree that I won in a radio competition last December, it’s in a container outside and is blossoming nicely. It actually has more blossom than this now, the photo was taken earlier in the week, but it’s still pretty.

Christmas Berry Blossom

There’s some rhubarb that I think we shouldn’t pick this year because it was only grown from seed last year and it needs to mature. I was impatient about that and bought some to make rhubarb crumble with a few weeks ago.

Today was less warm and this afternoon we made a Chocolate and Banana Loaf together. It’s quite nice, a bit rich for the wee guy, and a little heavier than I expected (blaming toddler “not so gentle” stirring for that). Still, it’s yum, and I love it.

Here’s a sneak peek at something colourful that I started on Tuesday. The yarn was despatched on Monday and arrived the next day. Got to love great service! (Thank you Constant Knitter).

Sneak Peek

The picture was taken after a few hours of knitting, a few more have been put in since then (some of those have been spent deciphering the pattern/chart, but I “get” it now), but there’s still a long way to go. This item is going to go in the shop, so keep your eyes open for it if you like the colours.


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